Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

By | September 25, 2013

Are you unable to experience bed-rattling and mind-blowing sex session with your partner due to erectile dysfunction? Do you face problem in achieving and maintaining an erection? If yes, no need to get disheartened.  Countless males around the world also experience and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many men are embarrassed to discuss this topic;  however, this is a very common treatable problem among males.

Why does Erectile Dysfunction (ED) occurs?

Commonly known as impotence, ED is a condition that is characterized by the inability to get an sustained erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse.  It is considered a common problem of aging and thus the problem is common in males over 50 years of age.   However, in recent years, there have been an increase in people under the age of 50 using medications that treat erectile dysfunction.

There are several factors that contribute towards Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the most common causes are prostate surgery, kidney diseases, alcoholism, poor nutrition and stress. The condition is easily treatable provided a person seeks help from his doctors.  It is important to identify and treat the condition timely since it can erode the quality of a marriage.  Erectile dysfunction can also lead to depression although it is arguable that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of depression or a side effect of anti-depressants.  Depending upon the severity of the condition, erectile dysfunction is easily treatable by medicine, surgery or even by natural measures.

Treatments of Impotence

According to many studies, ED can be treated easily by healthy diet comprising of unrefined and unprocessed food. Intake of vitamins C, E and the mineral zinc further helps in improving sexual health. Drinking plenty of water, reduction of sugar, caffeine and alcohol are few other measures that give boost to a sexual life.  Medications such as  Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are also available in the market that treat the condition. These medicines are easy to purchase from a reputable Canadian Online Pharmacy at affordable prices.